Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one-time fee, or yearly subscription?

It's a yearly subscription. In order to ensure the long term viability of Cookbook, the delivery of awesome add-ons, and make sure that our customers are well taken care of for the long haul, usage for Cookbook will be billed annually.

Subscriptions will be automatically cancelled once Gutenberg is released.

What's your refund policy?

We want to make sure you love Cookbook. That's why we have a 30 day money-back guarantee on all purchases if you're unhappy with the plugin.

Who owns Cookbook?

Cookbook was acquired by Feast Design Co. in July 2018. See the announcement here.

Will Cookbook be rewritten for Gutenberg?

No, Cookbook will not be rewritten for Gutenberg. Customers will be notified to migrate to WP Recipe Maker once Gutenberg is released, see this announcement.

Cookbook will continue to work as-is in the classic editor for 12-months after Gutenberg is released.

Will Cookbook work on

No. Cookbook is a self-hosted WordPress product only and will not work on any other platform.

How many sites can I install Cookbook on?

The Personal License, which is for sale now will allow Cookbook to be installed on 10 websites. We do plan to introduce a Developer product in the future to allow up to 100 installs of Cookbook.

Can I install Cookbook on client sites?

Sure! Just keep in mind that support will only be directly provided to the individual who purchased Cookbook.

Will I be able to customize the slug for my recipes?

Sure. Cookbook will have the option to change your recipe slug to whatever you want built right in.

Will users be able to easily print recipes from the front end?

Yes. Cookbook will include a print-friendly format for all of your recipes.

Does Cookbook work with my theme?

Probably. Theme authors all do things very differently so it's tough to say Cookbook will absolutely work with every theme, but we've built it in a super compatible way and it should work with most themes without any issues.

We recommend Feast Design Co's food blog themes.

Does this plugin use JSON-LD for markup?

It uses a combination of markup and JSON-LD for markup. Google's preferred ( and recommended) markup is JSON-LD. While there are reports that Pinterest now recognizes JSON-LD, there hasn't been an official announcement. Pinterest documentation recommends inline microdata and in order to stay compliant we'll be keeping both markups in Cookbook until that changes. There is no risk with including both markups!

Will I be able to import my recipes from my current recipe plugin?

The short answer is yes. Cookbook plugin currently support seamless imports from Easy Recipe, Easy Recipe Plus, Zip Recipes, and Ziplist Recipe plugins. If you'd like support for other plugins, let us know which ones by contacting us.

When I preorder and renew each year, am I locked into the preorder price?

Absolutely. We want to make sure that our early supporters are taken care of for the long haul, and we're happy to honor our preorder price for as long as you continue to be a customer.

What gives? This page hasn't answered my question.

Sorry about that! You can either check out our support documentation or get in touch via our contact form and we'll answer any pre-sales questions you have!

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