Start and grow your blog with a recipe plugin that actually works.

All the existing WordPress recipe plugins are busted, poorly supported, hard to use, or just plain ugly. We've built a feature-rich recipe solution that is crafted with care, well-built, looks beautiful, and works the way that food bloggers do. You can get excited about publishing new recipes again!

by wpsitecare & feast

You'll never look for another recipe plugin again


After working with dozens of recipe solutions for our clients and being unhappy with pretty much all of them, we began building cookbook plugin; a fully-featured recipe solution that solves all of the most common pain points of our food blogging clients. You'll enjoy sharing your recipes again!

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Don't get stuck with a recipe plugin that's poorly supported or may be gone tomorrow. WP Site Care and Feast Design Co. are established brands that are teaming up to deliver a beautiful product, a fantastic customer experience, and reassurance that Cookbook Plugin is here to stay. Shop confidently with the brands you already know and love.