Start and grow your blog with a recipe plugin that actually works.

All the existing WordPress recipe plugins are busted, poorly supported, hard to use, or just plain ugly. We've built a feature-rich recipe solution that is crafted with care, well-built, looks beautiful, and works the way that food bloggers do. You can get excited about publishing new recipes again!

by wpsitecare & feast

You'll never look for another recipe plugin again

Nothing is more frustrating than getting hung up in a clunky publishing nightmare when all you want to do is share your fabulous new dish with your readers. Cookbook was created with publishers in mind; we polled top food bloggers to find their most desired features for this tool, as well as their frustrations with their currently available options. Our bloggers were quick to point out the half-baked plugins which force them to deal with ugly cards, to choose between vital features rather than having them all, and to worry about search-engine optimization.

Our goal was to create a product that is easy for publishers to use and easier still for their audiences to navigate. We wanted our product to be as delectable as your culinary creations.

And we've done it.

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Don't get stuck with a recipe plugin that's poorly supported or may be gone tomorrow. WP Site Care and Feast Design Co. are established brands that are teaming up to deliver a beautiful product, a fantastic customer experience, and reassurance that Cookbook is here to stay. Shop confidently with the brands you already know and love.

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